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LP Pathfinders: high Instagrams from November 2017



November has seen our intrepid Pathfinders snapping shots in the most mesmeric of locations, from icy caves to the sizzling heat of the Jordanian desert. Here’s the five images that stole our hearts this month.

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

A post shared by Natasha & Cam in Portugal <img src=🇹" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" /> (@theworldpursuit) on

‘Giant’s Causeway is an amazing and natural landscape formation in Northern Ireland! It was the first stop on our road trip. This magical and unreal place is filled with 40,000 basalt columns, which is a result of an ancient volcanic eruption, and in our opinion is a must-see in Northern Ireland.’ – Natasha and Cam, @theworldpursuit

Why we like it: The Causeway Coast is our top Best in Travel region to visit in 2018, and so naturally we were blown away by Natasha and Cam’s dramatic shot of the Giant’s Causeway being lapped by North Atlantic waves. Formed as a result of a volcanic eruption, the Giant’s Causeway has captured imaginations for hundreds of years, but this image proves that its mystery endures.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

A post shared by 📷 Yulia Denisyuk (@insearchofperfect) on

‘Wadi Rum is a remote, vast and still desert on the outskirts of southern Jordan. What makes it remarkable? It’s the whimsical landscape of wind-beaten rock formations jutting into the red earth as if they were giant ships sailing across an unearthly ocean. At sundown, the desert fills up with the golden light of the most ethereal quality. Best views of the radiance are found at a peak of your own.’ – Yulia, @insearchofperfect

Why we like it: Who wouldn’t want to wind down to an evening like this? Yulia’s image perfectly captures the sun setting over Wadi Rum, creating a beautiful mixture of orange hues when combined with the famous sandstone mountains. These pretty swanky looking tents provide a focal point within the frame, as well as a smidge of contrasting colour.

Catedral de Mármol, Chile

A post shared by Timothy Cohen (@timdavhen) on

‘The General Carrera Lake is the second biggest lake of South America, the first one being Titicaca. Its turquoise glacial waters are crystal clear, and have carved caves in these islets over time. The light bounces into the cavities and the waters, displaying some enchanting lighting and colour effects on the walls. The experience is always different because both the light and water level of the lake are continually changing. The water itself can vary from deep blue to turquoise, depending on the weather and the time of year.’ – Timothy, @timdavhen

Why we like it: With his beautifully framed shot, Timothy allows us a sneak peek beneath the surface of a glacial lake, and wow, is it worth seeing! The countless shades of blue and turquoise, the shimmering reflections of the icy walls and the haunting stillness of the water create a stirring sense of wonder.

Arizona, USA

A post shared by Olivia Christine Perez (@ochristine) on

‘Under a high Arizona sun I caught a glimpse of a cactus that stood out in a sea of towering saguaros along Sabino Canyon. This cactus, a crested saguaro, had an odd mutation that caused it to fan outward instead of rise vertically. But like life, its unique story made it all the more beautiful.’ – Olivia, @ochristine

Why we like it: With that marbled, cloud-streaked sky, distant mountains and dry, desert floor, Olivia’s image is textbook picturesque Arizona, but what takes it to another level is the perfectly framed, characterful cactus, standing proud in the foreground.

Java, Indonesia

A post shared by Nitish Waila (@nitishwaila) on

‘After a wonderful sunrise at the viewpoint, we ventured down towards the volcano, but saw a huge crowd heading in the same direction (not great for photography!). Nevertheless, we decided to go and experience the boiling sulphur pool by standing right on top of it, and it was breathtaking. The blue sky and floating clouds mixed with sulphur fumes made it a wonderful composition to capture.’ – Nitish, @nitishwaila

Why we like it: Panoramic, dramatic and sweeping, Nitish’s snap makes us feel as though we’re walking along the precipice of the volcano with him. The line of the crater’s edge runs seamlessly from one corner of the image to another, drawing the eye seamlessly across and into the distance.

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