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LP Pathfinders: high Instagrams from October 2017



Our snap-happy Pathfinders have been busily ‘gramming the world this month, with fantastic frames and stunning shots from all corners of the globe. From the wintry wilds of Lapland to the rolling expanses of Mongolia, here’s the images from October that took our breath away…

Lofoten Islands, Norway

A post shared by Hugo Andre (@hugoandre_photography) on

‘I embarked upon an Arctic Circle adventure in the stunning Lofoten Islands archipelago. Whilst on my trip I captured this image, showing the tradition of drying fish on wooden beams in the beautiful little town of Reine. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a breathtaking location, the serenity and contrast of this amazing landscape was incredible to photograph.’ – Hugo, @hugoandre_photography

Why we like it: The Lofoten Islands are ridiculously picturesque as a rule, but Hugo’s capture doesn’t only showcase their rugged good looks, but offers a small peek into the lives of their inhabitants. The blissful rays of sunshine unfurling over the mountains provide the perfect backdrop to the idyllic scene.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

A post shared by Sue | Travel Tarte (@traveltarte) on

‘Ulaanbaatar isn’t usually the main draw for visiting Mongolia – more often than not it’s just a necessary stop on your entry to, or exit from, the country. However, during my visit I stayed with a family in one of the Ger districts, and my host encouraged me to scale the hills behind the settlement we were staying in. Up there, the colour and contrast of the city comes into focus fully, and what can seem like a rather grey and polluted place explodes into technicolor.’ – Sue, @traveltarte

Why we like it: Mongolia holds a certain mystique and mystery as one of the least populated countries in the world. Sue’s image captures the sprawling life of the country’s capital; a patchwork of colour every bit as vibrant and varied as the people who live in it.

Jaipur, India

A post shared by TraveLynn Family (@travelynnfamily) on

‘My boys (aged 2 and 3) were being absolute monkeys, bounding up and down the steps outside Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur. I desperately wanted to get inside and up to the roof for sunset, and after much begging and bribery, I managed to get all the family to the entrance gates, just as it was closing. I was so very disappointed. However, an entrepreneurial guide recognised our desperation, and led us inside and up the narrow steps to the rooftop. We had the entire place to ourselves just as the sun was setting. Magical! I could have stayed there for an eternity, but the officious whistles from the guards below were ordering us down and I was sure our youngest was about to fly off the edge. At least I managed to see that incredible view, if only for a short moment!’ – Jenny, @travelynnfamily

Why we like it: Sunsets are almost always snap-worthy, but this sultry evening glow, softly enveloping the rooftops of Jaipur, is something of a show-stopper. And when viewed from the top of the gloriously ornate Nahargarh Fort, it seems all the more special.

Arjeplog, Swedish Lapland

A post shared by Travellers // Mark & Mim (@thecommonwanderer) on

‘The lungs of the earth from above in Swedish Lapland. There is a deep and profound respect between humans and nature in this part of the world, and while driving through thick forest, we just had to see what this beautiful woodland looked like from above. It’s hard to believe that in a month or two, this entire area will be thick with snow!’ – Mark and Mim, @thecommonwanderer

Why we like it: It’s not often we get to see the majesty of nature from such an entirely new perspective. When viewed from directly above, the thick, magical forests of Swedish Lapland seem to have whole new depths to explore…

Porto, Portugal

A post shared by Travelsewhere | David (@travelsewhere) on

‘I had learned of this beachside chapel, south of Porto, and decided that it would make a pretty special spot to watch the sunset. Walking back and forth through the dunes, I settled on this viewpoint with the beach’s fences slowly sinking under the shifting sands.’ – David, @travelsewhere

Why we like it: There’s nothing quite like the serenity of a beach at dusk, and David’s frame has the added bonus of Capela do Senhor da Pedra acting as a beautiful focal point. The last rays of sunlight dancing their way across the sand make us want to kick off our flip flops and run to the sea.

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