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LP Pathfinders: prime Instagrams from December 2017



Our snap-happy Pathfinders definitely went out with a bang in 2017, sharing beautiful frames of snow-dusted mountain tops, glistening lake shores and world-famous monuments to name just a few. Here’s the best of the bunch from December.

Brittany, France

A post shared by Raphael Rychetsky (@raphael.fyi) on

‘A very iconic landmark and amazing photo spot. The zigzag path creates perfect leading lines. A storm was coming in, so the sea got very rough and wild, and the sky darker and darker.’ – Raphael, @raphael.fyi

Why we like it: Just as Raphael points out, the sweeping lines and angles of Phare du Petit Minou‘s walkway here draw the eye to the main event – the lighthouse itself, which is positioned perfectly in the centre of the frame. Backed by the gloomy horizon and choppy seas, this is one seriously atmospheric image. You can really feel that there’s a storm a-brewin’.

Lake Garda, Italy

A post shared by Paulina | Slow Travel (@paulina_on_the_road) on

‘Visiting Lake Garda in it’s off-season was definitely the right thing to do. The weather is still warm, the Alps are snow-capped and there are hardly any crowds. That means plenty of peace to enjoy the beauty of this part of northern Italy. Whilst I was daydreaming on the shores of Lake Garda, this young swan approached me. That, combined with the Alps in the background and the saturated blue tone of the lake, caused this shot to become one of my favourite souvenirs from the trip.’ – Paulina, @paulina_on_the_road

Why we like it: Although Lake Garda’s unique beauty is more than well documented, its swan population simply doesn’t get the same amount of air time. The inquisitive fella in the foreground provides a great focal point for the rest of Paulina’s image, which also features some pretty impressive cloud formations, as well as the lake’s ever-picturesque shores.

Granada, Spain

A post shared by 🌏 George’s Globe (@_georgesglobe.com_) on

‘We found inexpensive flights from Edinburgh down to Alicante, Spain, and drove down its southern coast, eventually landing in Granada. Whilst in Granada, we visited the Alhambra, an ancient palace complex in sitting in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains high above the new city. It has been on our travel list for a long time! Ancient irrigation systems feed the beautiful gardens and picturesque pools that ancient rulers would have enjoyed. From atop the battlements and beautiful palaces, you can also see down across the city and beyond.’ – George, @_georgesglobe.com_

Why we like it: The Alhambra is one of Spain’s greatest marvels, but rarely is it captured from the inside, looking out. George’s image showcases the rolling hills of the city, expertly framed by the intricate stonework of the Generalife, an Al-Andalus summer palace and an impressive example of Moorish architecture.

Larkya, Nepal

A post shared by World Citizen (@world_citizen_64) on

‘I am an advocate of ‘slow travelling’ (although unfortunately I do not always have the time for it), and I find that hiking is one of the best kinds. Last month I completed the Manaslu Circuit Trek, an amazing 15-day journey on foot through breathtaking Himalayan scenery. I took this photo whilst crossing the Larkya Pass at 5106m altitude, the view of the mountains framed by thousands of prayer flags flying in the wind was amazing.’ – @world_citizen_64

Why we like it: You can’t imagine a much more Nepalese scene than this panoramic frame, featuring the otherworldly mountainscapes of the Himalayas glinting in the sunlight, and framed by colourful prayer flags. What makes this shot special is its perspective, showcasing the hike’s dramatic vistas from a very personal viewpoint.

Lake Tahoe, USA

A post shared by Ty Govaars 💫Luxe Travel Expert (@tygovaars) on

‘I took this shot in the early afternoon, before the crowds arrived. Lake Tahoe has some of the most pristine water we’ve ever seen and is the largest Alpine lake in North America. It’s also the second deepest at 1645ft — only Crater Lake in Oregon is deeper. The rest of this afternoon was spent on the sandy shores of the lake, swimming in the chilly water and jumping off big boulders that dotted the shoreline.’ – Ty, @tygovaars

Why we like it: An unusual take on Lake Tahoe’s natural charms, we love the composition of Ty’s drone image, with its perfect stripes of colour, and how the sprinklings of boulders in the shallows reflect the colourful umbrellas dotted along the water’s edge. This shot could easily be showcasing the turquoise sea and perfect sand of a Mediterranean beach paradise, rather than Tahoe’s icy depths.

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