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IPA Nr. N9NE by De Gaperd #OTTBeerDiary Day 872


This post is a continuation of the 2015 New Beer Every Day Beer Diary Challenge, #ottbeerdiary. Over the course of 2015, I drank at least one new beer every day. Please read the background in the link above, and enjoy reading about the most recently tasted beers below. This year I may deviate from the diary format in some posts, hoping to concentrate more on the locations and the breweries I am enjoying. If you’d like to join the challenge as well, let me know in the comments below. You can catch up on all of our posts as part of the challenge under the tag ottbeerdiary.

Day 872: May 21, 2017

A beautiful Sunday, called for a few beer festival stops. But nothing too crazy.

I dropped by a friend’s house for some lunch where we shared a few nice sour bottles:

Cider 4.1 by Welsums Goed – 7.5% ABV Cider – Nice fruity and tart, dry cider from the Netherlands.

Lou Pepe Gueuze (2013) by Brasserie Cantillon – 5% ABV Gueuze – Lovely dry sour. Light underlying sweetness. Beautiful aroma. Lemony and a bit of peach.

Lieve by Tommie Sjef Wild Ales – 5% ABV Sour Ale – Beautiful fruity and spicy. Nice Chardonnay grape. A hybrid of a farmhouse cider, natural white wine and beer.

After which we took a short trip down to Weert for a festival at the Weerter Stadsbrouwerij, where there was a nice selection of beers from the breweries that brew on the premises. We shared a few of these:

Hooglander IPA by Hooglander Bier – 6.8% ABV IPA – Very nice bitterness. Little fruity. Bubbly. Lots of bitter finish.

Tripel by Brouwerij Eeuwig Zonde – 8.2% ABV Belgian Tripel – Fruit bubble gum aroma. Flavor is a little wheaty and fruity. Yeasty and hardly taste the 8%.

Hooglander Porter by Hooglander Bier – 6.2% ABV Porter – Dark coffee aroma and flavor. Nice dark roast.

The Amazing Single Hop IPA Galena Worship Gear by Strieper Craft Beer Company – 6.2% ABV IPA – Very green hoppy aroma. Citrusy bitter flavor. A little malty, then hoppy bitter finish.

Nuenhems Stout by Brouwerij Nuenhem – 9.5% ABV Imperial Stout – Dark bitterness with some cocoa notes. Lots of bitter. Sweeter anise notes come out as it breathes.

Temeer – Vanillestout by Brouwerij Zeglis – 8.5% ABV Stout – Aroma of smoky cocoa. Coconut. Lots of chocolate on the flavor. And vanilla almost towards tootsie roll.

GTI-mperial by De Brouwschuur – 10.5% ABV Imperial Stout – Malty aroma. Dark coffee bitter. Smoother than expected. Some sweet, but balanced.

Hellegijt American Oak by Brouwerij de Natte Gijt – 11% ABV Imperial Stout – Same hellegijt. Smoother oak. Not quite the same character of the older barrels. Give it some time?

After Weert, I went up to Boxtel for beer and BBQ at N9NE Beer, Food & Wine, a nice new restaurant that focuses on gastronomy and beer pairings.

The Uplifting Triple Decker Flying Apparatus by Strieper Craft Beer Company – 8.5% ABV Belgian Tripel – Fruity with some spice and a nice bitterness. Good flavor and nice with food.

The Beer:

IPA Nr. N9NE by De Gaperd

IPA Nr. N9NE by De Gaperd

Name: IPA Nr. N9NE

Style: Citra IPA

Producer: De Gaperd

Alcohol content: 6.5%

Bottle size: 0.25cl from a 0.75cl bottle

Purchased from: N9NE Beer, Food & Wine, Boxtel, the Netherlands

IPA Nr. N9NE by De Gaperd 🇳🇱 6.5% ABV IPA brewed for N9NE Beer, Food & Wine, a new restaurant in Boxtel with a focus on pairings. A very nice fruity and hoppy IPA made with Citra hops. Slightly malty aroma. But a good sweet and bitter balanced flavor.