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Exploring The Metropolis of Lights: Paris, France


Paris is the one love affair that never ends: after the first visit, you’re already thinking about your next trip!

This effervescent city remains one of the most admired and beloved destinations of all time, and no matter how many times you go, there is always more to discover.

Looking out into the city of Paris

Like many of the major cities in Europe, Paris is an architectural and aesthetic paradise. Many of the buildings and apartments have survived the test of time, contributing to the magical atmosphere of being surrounded by history regardless of where you go. As an avid shopper, one of my favorite activities to do while abroad includes frequenting popular shopping spots, areas that are prime for finding products I can’t find at home, and to indulge in a quintessentially French hobby: people-watching.

View of Champs Elysees, Paris
View of Champs Elysees, Paris

When I visit Paris, I usually stay in an apartment not far from the renowned Opera Garnier, located in the lively 9th Arrondissement, which is within walking distance to one of my favorite stores in all of Paris: Les Galeries Lafayette. While this French department store chain does have locations in other areas, I have visited the leading store on the Boulevard Haussmann countless times and will undoubtedly continue to for the rest of my life.

Opera Garnier Paris
Opera Garnier, Paris

Open to the public since 1912, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann offers Haute Couture as well as street-wear, furniture, and food. Every Friday there is a free fashion show (reservations necessary) and a ‘cultural space’ that has been designated for showcasing French and international design. While all these reasons are enough for anyone to add Galeries Lafayette to their Parisian itinerary, the glorious 43-meter high Neo Byzantine dome is the show-stopping cherry on top. Each floor in the Galeries Lafayette allows shoppers to view this magnificent dome of glass and steel designed by Ferdinand Chanut. The dome adds an effect of grandeur to the shopping experience so that whether you are shopping Haute Couture or perusing the sales rack, there is always a feeling of underlying splendor.

Galeries Lafayette, Paris
Galeries Lafayette, Paris

France is an incredible country with so much to offer, whether you’re interested in Paris, St. Tropez, or Normandy! For your next trip, I highly recommend that France-Voyage be your guide. Not only is their content easily accessible and geared towards travelers of all ages and nationalities, but they break down all the different aspects of traveling (transportation, activities, even language) in France.

Photo credited France-Voyage.com
Photo credited France-Voyage.com

It works well across all electronic devices, and is updated daily, so it’s no surprise that they boast over 18 million users each year. I particularly appreciate that the website’s interactive map makes it easy to peruse the different regions as seen here: https://www.france-voyage.com/travel-guide/.

It’s highly practical and particularly useful if you’re traveling with kids or a group, for a short weekend or holiday, and everything in-between!

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