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The way to Keep away from Crowds in NYC


It’s no wonder so many tourists flock to New York City each year. With the best museums, dining, and entertainment in the country, it’s really a top destination. Unfortunately, having so many tops sights and attractions in one area draws a large crowd all year round, which can be bad news for people who don’t enjoy wading through crowds to enjoy their trip. While it’s impossible to avoid all the crowds in the Big Apple, there are some things you can do to make sure your trip to the big city is more pleasant and crowd-free. Here’s how to avoid crowds in NYC.

Avoid peak seasons in the city!

While you can’t always control when you’re able to take a trip to the city, if you have the option, it’s best to avoid the more crowded times of year. Winter can be a great time to visit New York because the weather scares off most tourists. However, avoid holiday weekends and the few weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year’s. Avoiding popular visiting times is also a great way to have your pick of the amazing hotels and restaurants the city has to offer.

Skip the crowds and take a bus tour

The best way to see the top landmarks without waiting in line or fighting through a crowd of photo-takers is to just skip the walking altogether. Double decker bus tours offer the perfect view of all the best sights in the city from above the other tourists. That means you won’t have to wait in line for photos or lean around someone’s head to see your favorite buildings or statues. Save yourself the headache and take a tour with TopView in Midtown, New York. Not only will you get to learn more about the city from an expert guide, but you’ll also be able to hop on and off as you please.

Avoid the tourist-trap attractions

While it’s hard to skip iconic attractions like the Chrysler Building and Grand Central Station, there are a lot of things you could probably do without. Instead of taking a crowded ferry to the Statue of Liberty, for instance, take the Governor’s Island Ferry or the Staten Island Ferry. These are generally filled with locals instead of tourists, and they offer the same stunning views of the NYC skyline and the Statue of Liberty, but without the crowds. If you must visit places like Grand Central Station and Times Square, try to go at off times, like late in the evening or during meal times.

Explore the world outside of Manhattan

New York City is made up of five boroughs, but most tourists only go around Manhattan on their visit. The outer boroughs, like Brooklyn and Queens, offer a lot of their own attractions, but without the hordes of tourists. In addition to having their own flavor, the boroughs are integral parts of the city, which gives you a more complete experience on your visit. These boroughs are still connected by the same metro system, so it’s easy to hop between Manhattan and the outer neighborhoods without losing much time. Some of the best restaurants, bars, parks, and museums are actually found in these other boroughs, so it’s definitely worth exploring the world outside of Manhattan!

Make the most of your trip to the Big Apple

Whether it’s your first time in the city or your tenth, you want to make sure you make every moment count. That means you don’t want to waste valuable time waiting in lines or fighting through crowds of tourists with iPads and selfie sticks! As long as you’re willing to be flexible with your itinerary in the city and you do the right research, you’ll be able to steer clear of most crowds in the city!

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